• Political Nerdmaxing: Q: Why Are Asians so Right Wing?

    A: We aren’t right wing. We actually vote more for Democratic Party candidates than every other group, except for African Americans.

  • To Paper Hoarders

    Please, write a book. I’m pissed off. Not mad, but pissed off. My father was a hoarder of paper, and I now need to dispose of most of it. My problem is that a small portion of this hoard is personal narrative, letters, family photos, etc. These interesting bits are mixed in with financial notes,…

  • Explanation of Anti-Asian Racist Content

    I was reading Asians With Attitudes and they had this racist post up, all mad. They didn’t link to it, so I found it: It’s lowbrow racism, but people think it’s funny, so they repost it, but added an extra joke about “Asians eating cats and dogs,” an old racist trope. By the time I…

  • Why is the Left so Weak in Japan?

    Japan is regarded as a democracy, and socially conservative. What’s less known is that it’s very politically conservative, to the point where the right-wing Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) has won the vast majority of elections. The Left, which is split between the Socialists and the more moderate Democrats, rarely ever wins.

  • AI Machine Learning and Bias Articles

    Most of these are older articles, but I have to catch up on this stuff. I’ve tried to select articles to have a diversity of different publications, so each can be searched to find more relevant information. Logically, 5 Examples of Biased Artificial Intelligence World Economic Forum, Research shows AI is often biased. Here’s how…

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