Month: October 2017

  • In Canada, White Supremacy is the Law of the Land by Arthur Manuel

    Like most people in the US, I’m profoundly ignorant about Canadian history.  Sometimes, though, you read something that is so uncannily familiar that it shocks. A brief introduction to Canada, through the eyes of the colonized. In Canada, White Supremacy is the Law of the Land by Arthur Manuel  

  • Housing and Market Forces

    Our housing prices are subject to market forces.  Perhaps they shouldn’t be. The US economy is basically a capitalist market system, where buyers and sellers participate in markets, and supply and demand, along with regulations and competition, determine prices. There are, however, many important services that are protected from market forces, or totally withdrawn from…

  • The Anti Nazi Parade – history of anti-fascism in Los Angeles (and some fascism)

  • The Mirror

    Los Angeles is now what we call a “one newspaper town”, but it used to support at least five papers in English.  One of these, which I have never seen a complete copy of, is The Mirror, the Chandler family’s paper. It merged with the Times, and that’s why it was called Times-Mirror for so…

  • The Independent Progressive Party

    This is a clipping from the Rafu, and I think it’s around 1952, because it mentions the McCarran Walter Act, which passed in 1952. I recognized Art Takei’s name, because he was one of the founders of APALA, the API labor organization within the AFL-CIO. Fumi Ishihara, I didn’t recognize, but the internet is amazing,…