Month: May 2018

  • Tech Bazillionaires Paid for Anti-Unhoused Anti-Camping Law in San Francisco in 2016

    I didn’t know about this law, but I think Los Angeles folks should learn about it. It’s called Proposition Q, and it was passed in 2016. The law prohibits tents on public property.

  • Ethnic and Unhoused

    I’m not sure if people still believe this, but there used to be a bit of “common wisdom” or racial stereotyping that said there aren’t Asian or Latino homeless.

  • Civil Rights Unionism

    Jacobin has published a good article about the organizing of Local 22 at the Reynold’s tobacco company, and how the union had originated and combined the civil rights struggle for African Americans with the union, and with the participation by the Communist party organization. Civil Rights Unionism by Robert Korstad

  • Gubernatorial Candidate Villaraigosa Should Love Ranked Choice Voting (Upd. Jun. 7)

    Things are looking pretty rough for Antonio Villaraigosa. Here are the latest polls. These are from Real Clear Politics. I have to wonder, if the voters for Chiang and Eastin were to choose Villaraigosa as their second choice, and the polls used “ranked choice voting”, what would the numbers look like? Ranked choice voting allows …

  • Downshiftism

    This came across the LA Indymedia newswire.  I’m interested in the reduction of consumption and production, but not so sure about the three postulates… but will consider them. Downshiftism – a philosophy established on the theoretical bases of the economic decrease. According to Jean-François Jaudon, this contemporary philosophy is defined by the three following postulates:…