The Upstairs Apartment Got Flooded

On Friday the 18th, the upstairs apartment’s bathroom got flooded, and water flooded their apartment and drained down onto us.

I don’t know the particulars, but I suspect it’s a bad valve. If it was a clog, it would have been like one gallon of water, or less. This was far more than that – tens or hundreds of gallons of water. When I got home, there was water dripping from a tile in the ceiling, because it had become soaked, and bowl-shaped, and holding gallons of water.

I put a trashcan under the dripping water to prevent it from soaking the mattress even more. There was maybe 1.5 gallons that came out of the tile, but it was still dripping, so I punched a hole into it to drain it.

This short video shows what happened in the front bedroom.

I spent Friday night washing and drying all my bedding and clothing that got wet. Fortunately, it was my hamper that got wet, so the clothing was already dirty. Some unlisted ebay stuff also got wet, but, again, a wash should have taken care of it. I slept at my mom’s, and Rosa slept in her sister’s bed, and she moved to the sofa. I opened the window and ran a fan outside to get rid of what moisture I could.

Returning on Saturday, I had to get rid of the wet tiles. This helped reduce the moisture considerably. The video below shows that work.

The situation in the front bedroom was way worse. The carpet was soaked, and water was squishing out of it. The bedding and bed were wet. The water was dripping down through the seams in the sheetrock, so water was flowing across the entire ceiling. The pet guinea pig cage got wet as well. However, some things did not get wet, because the dripping was through the seams, and the water flowed across the surface after that.

The water also came down through the door frames, so it must have gotten into the walls. The first videos show some of that dripping. (I wonder if that’s why the room still smells like “old house wood”.)

On Saturday night, at around 10:45, the management company got in touch with my via text, and asked what happened. They said they contacted the plumber (who has not contacted me yet, as of Sunday night), and the remediation company, which Rosa said came in on Sunday.


Commissar-General Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez at the End of America

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