Month: March 2021

  • SpaceHey, Liker

    SpaceHey is a fan project to replicate MySpace. Liker is something like a Democrat Facebook or something. Not really sure. I’m saving some images here to to share on SpaceHey. Here’s my profile at SpaceHey, and at Liker.

  • Letter to Congress about DeJoy

    Dear ____: We need the USPS board to fire DeJoy and replace him with someone who isn’t out to sabotage the USPS. I sometimes sell on Ebay and other online stores, and have sent around 1,000 packages in the past few years. USPS, in the past, was amazing. It was competitively priced and fast, especially…

  • Eviction of Seniors to a COVID-19 Impacted Facility

    This ongoing story of the patients of Sakura Gardens ICF, formerly Keiro, is looking bad, with a looming threat that residents will be transferred to the Kei-Ai nursing home facility, which has the highest COVID-19 death rate in California. Ongoing information is published at the group fighting these transfers, Save Our Seniors. For a comprehensive…