Month: June 2022

  • Dodging

    I somehow managed to avoid getting listed on K*y*iki (a site that collects data about FB users who are also active in the Left). This is a rough guess about how I did it.

  • Jimmy Dore Coddles Fascists

    This goes back over a year. I mostly missed it, but did hear about it. After having heard Dore on and off for a few years, I had a good idea where he was coming from. I was, and am, critical of these “left-right unity” efforts when people try to unite with people close to…

  • Justice for the Roques I spent the past week flyering about the racist incident, going to different places and explaining what happened, and trying to encourage them to sign up with the Filipino Migrant Center’s petition/list. Please, if you are in the LA area, sign up.

  • Beauty Calculator Results This is a pretty mentally toxic tool. I hadn’t really been too concerned about my looks, relative to others, since my teens. Then I found this tool a few months ago. It is an AI that rates faces. I see a lot of racial bias in here, reflective of racial biases in the US…

  • Anti-Pedo Fascists

    Rabbithole time. I read about a fascists I hadn’t heard of. I’m guessing that this info is being siloed into the LGBTQ+ social cloud, and not leaking over into the antifascist or general progressive social cloud.