Month: March 2023

  • Wong Kim Ark in Smithsonian

    Smithsonian Magazine has a good article about Wong Kim Ark, who fought to assure birthright citizenship for all Americans.

  • Protected: What the Heck is Wrong?

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

  • Chat GPT recommends some books, writes some stories

    I used ChatGPT to do some research, and then have it write some offensive stories. what are some scholars who have used Fanon to explore asian American oppression? While Frantz Fanon’s work primarily focuses on the experiences of Black people in a colonial context, some scholars have applied his ideas to understand Asian American oppression.…

  • ChatGPT: Marx on Quality and Quantity

    I’ve been using chatgpt a lot. Today, I asked it “what does marx mean by quality and quantity and the relation between them”, and it produced a brief essay that clarified things for me.

  • Recommending Feminism

    I made a tiktok that recommended feminism to a commenter, on a thread about Asian American men. Not wanting to just ad lib this topic, I decided to to a quick review of the material, and started down a rabbit hole (as usual).