AI Machine Learning and Bias Articles

Most of these are older articles, but I have to catch up on this stuff. I’ve tried to select articles to have a diversity of different publications, so each can be searched to find more relevant information.

Logically, 5 Examples of Biased Artificial Intelligence

World Economic Forum, Research shows AI is often biased. Here’s how to make algorithms work for all of us

New Scientist, Discriminating algorithms: 5 times AI showed prejudice

Harvard Business Review, How to Fight Discrimination in AI

Srinivasan, Hansa. Google, ML-fairness-gym: A Tool for Exploring Long-Term Impacts of Machine Learning Systems

Hao, Karen. Technology Review, This is how AI bias really happens—and why it’s so hard to fix

Jaspreet, Toward Data Science, Understanding and Reducing Bias in Machine Learning

Barba, Paul. Builtin, 6 Ways to Combat Bias in Machine Learning

Jones, Tim. IBM Developerworks, Machine learning and bias

Sagar, Ram. Analytics India, Top 6 Common Biases In ML Models

Barcelos, Gabe. Arise, Understanding Bias in Machine Learning Models

Google Machine Learning Course, Identifying Bias

Giba, Lari. Machine Learning Compass, Bias, Variance, and Overfitting Explained, Step by Step

Twine, Bias in AI and Data Collection

Zewe, Adam. MIT News, Can machine-learning models overcome biased datasets?

Naik, Ranjita. Microsoft, Social Biases through the Text-to-Image Generation Lens