Changing Emails is Hard

I’ve had my old address,, for more than 20 years. I think. I don’t remember when I first established email for my own domain. I remember picking the domain out around 1998, when the first domain land rush happened.

I probably set up the email on the Cyberjava servers. I don’t remember anymore. Later, it was on the Slaptech server.

Now, I’m trying to change over 400 different accounts that might have this old address associated with it. It’s hard, but necessary.

Why? Because if I sell the domain, the next person could use the email address to access my abandoned accounts.

So I’m logging into websites, changing email addresses, and deleting accounts, if that’s even possible.

I now have 187 sites left to visit.


Promoting the New Email

I sent out around 450 emails telling people about the new addresses. I don’t know that many people. I just had emails from all kinds of lists, and just threw them together into a big list, and did a mass mail promoting the new addresses. I also gave them a web form to fill to be removed from the address book, or to augment their contact info.

Nearly half bounced.

The “good list” settled down to around 230 addresses. Now I just need to wait for people to fill a form to be removed.






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