ChatGPT: Stop Asian Hate, the movie

One of the problems of being an internet hermit is that I don’t know what the hell is happening in pop culture. So I asked the AI to generate a funny script that kind of explains it to me. This prompt took a while to write, but it was a fun process.

write a short script titled “#StopAsianHate” about a man and woman who match on a dating app, but it turns out that the woman is a depressed, alcoholic, seeking to buy fentanyl, and turns out to be racist. it’s important that she try to buy fentanyl. the man is addicted to something else that’s not alcohol, but is a relatively funny and embarrassing addiction. both of the people are Asian American, but of different ethnicities, not Japanese. include dialogue where the racism is revealed and becomes increasingly meaner. set it in a Japanese restaurant, where both start to get angry at Japanese imperialism, veering into anti-Japanese sentiment against the food, and try to unite on mutual hatred of Japan. include a scene where they discover that they both own tricked out Japanese rice rocket cars, and they both like Sanrio products. include a scene inside a Daiso. include a scene inside an H-Mart, where they cry, and a scene inside Costco where they discuss Marx’s idea of the commodity fetish.

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We see a bustling city street filled with people and cars. A notification pops up on a phone screen that reads “New Match: Sarah”.



John, a young Asian American man, sits nervously at a coffee shop, looking at his phone. He takes a deep breath as Sarah, an Asian American woman, walks in and looks around.

John: (nervously) Hi, are you Sarah?

Sarah: (nodding) Yeah, you must be John. Nice to meet you.

They sit down and order drinks.

John: So, what do you do for work?

Sarah: (sighs) I’m currently between jobs. But, honestly, I’m more focused on trying to find some fentanyl. You know where I can get some?

John looks taken aback by her question.

John: Uh, no, sorry. That’s not really my thing.

Sarah: (scoffs) Whatever. Just thought I’d ask. So, what are you into?

John: (nervously) Well, I’m kind of embarrassed to say, but I’m really into collecting Little Twin Stars merchandise.

Sarah: (laughs) What the hell is that? Sounds like something for little girls.

John looks hurt by her comment.

John: It’s a Sanrio character. I think it’s cute.

Sarah: (rolling her eyes) Figures. You’re probably one of those soft, submissive Asian guys.

John looks increasingly uncomfortable.

Sarah: (continuing) And don’t get me started on Japan. Their imperialism and atrocities during World War II are unforgivable.

They are interrupted by the waiter bringing their food. Sarah looks at her sushi roll and scoffs.

Sarah: (disgusted) Ugh, this looks like something a Japanese person would eat.

John: (confused) Uh, we’re in a Japanese restaurant, Sarah.

Sarah: (getting angrier) Yeah, and I’m sick of them taking over our culture with their sushi and anime crap. We should just boycott everything Japanese.

John starts to feel uneasy with the direction of the conversation. Suddenly, Sarah’s phone rings and she excuses herself to take the call.



John and Sarah are browsing through the aisles of a Daiso store.

Sarah: (picking up a product) Look at this crap. Made in Japan. I wouldn’t buy this if it was the last thing on Earth.

John: (trying to change the subject) Hey, have you seen the Little Twin Stars merchandise they have here? It’s so cute.

Sarah: (angrily) I don’t care about your stupid cartoon characters. And besides, I bet it’s all made in Japan anyway.



John and Sarah are at a Japanese rice rocket car show, admiring the cars on display.

Sarah: (pointing at a car) That one’s sick. Bet it can go really fast.

John: (excitedly) Yeah, I own one myself. I’ve done some tricking out on it.

Sarah: (surprised) Really? I own one too.

John: (excitedly) No way! We should totally race sometime.

Sarah: (smiling) Yeah, that would be cool.



John and Sarah are standing in the middle of the H-Mart, both crying.

John: (crying) I just don’t understand why people have to hate us because of our race.

Sarah: (crying) I know. It

(at this point, ChatGPT stopped because it caught on that the story was going to get really racist.)

I made a few of these scripts leading to this long prompt, but didn’t ask to go into the particulars of Asian American relationships. So it might be pulling info from groups on reddit, IG pages, or other API sources like books. I chose to direct racism against Japanese, because that’s my ancestry. I would rather do that, than pick another race.

Some of the other scripts it generated got into SEA and EA wealth disparities!

I made sure to include some Crying at H-Mart, but the AI saw it going into a bad space, and died.

Induct Leslie Kong into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!







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