COVID-19 Vaccination Inequality

These are a few stories about how vaccination efforts to focus on the groups facing the most infection were undermined, and led to privileged people getting vaccinated.

Los Angeles TL;DR: California and Los Angeles need to focus on getting vaccinations to working class Latino communities, which are extremely under-vaccinated.

Los Angeles Times: Work-at-Homers Got Appointment Codes Intended for Impacted Populations

Los Angeles Times: Rich People Get Vaccinated Way More Than Working Class Essential Workers’ Communities (my paraphrase)

CNN: A vaccination site meant to serve a hard-hit Latino neighborhood in New York instead serviced more Whites from other areas

My comment about this:

Yeah, it’s like the world forgot the digital divide. It was never really addressed. It seemed like a rhetorical device to give telcos money to address it.

Telecom’s now like the most neoliberal, market-centered utility, and it’s helping to kill people. It kills people with barriers to medical care. It kills people with ewaste. It kills people through labor abuse. It’s killing all these people who are “invisible”.

Meanwhile, Americans are worried about being tracked for ads, and privacy, and a raft of other individualistic issues that, while very important, are not as important as not-harming-people.

Kaiser Family Foundation

This has a chart where you can filter by race. In California, vaccination rates mostly match population, and cases, except for Latinos, who are seeing huge numbers of cases, but not much vaccination.

My Take: On High Rates of Infection in the Latino Communities






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