Ezra Klein Discussion with Bhaskar Sunkara of Jacobin

I hadn’t listened to this show before, and my first introduction was the episode before this one. Titled “How Democracies Die”, it irked me, not only in the big picture idea that the center holds things together, but in the particulars of how they picked out Hugo Chavez as their example of an anti-democratic demagogue, and some irritating errors. It was like listening to two upper middle class liberals who were clueless. However, I am not going to write that screed.

Klein posted a more interesting interview, with millennial hero Bhaskar Sunkara, founder of Jacobin.  This was a more pleasant exchange.

Source: The Ezra Klein Show: Why my politics are bad with Bhaskar Sunkara

PS – One interesting effect of listening to the previous episode was that I shifted my position on the immigration reform/wall negotiations. I had been pretty much okay with funding a wall, if it could get green cards for Dreamers and their families via family unification immigration. After listening to the moderates gab, I no longer like the compromise.

I don’t feel like Trump would want to do the give-and-take of compromise, and is just barreling forward with a complete expulsion of immigrants.  The left-Dream position of no compromise just seems to make more sense to me, now.  It’s no different than the “trade war” moves that Mexico and China have done, to attack, and build some negotiating capital.






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