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This took a couple hours, but it was worth it. Many links from February’s facebook.

I’m doing this as a part of a project to delete my posts from Facebook. Many of the links get copied, some text is copied, and it’s all saved into a regular blog post.

I found this in my old bookmarks, but it’s new. The title says it’s about gangs, but it’s more about the 1930s and 1940s in Los Angeles. Areas mentioned include El Monte, Pico Rivera, SSG, Boyle Heights, Little Tokyo, Legg Lake. https://13radicalriders14.blogspot.com/2017/10/the-first-la-gangs.html

Washington’s Teeth not from wood, but slave’s teeth.


US and Allies Look to Military Intervention in Venezuela

Think Tank Fellow Fired after Mocking Chinese Americans

So, I’m reading this page about the mass murder in Stockton back in 1989, by a sketchy racist guy who got his semi legally… and all of a sudden, there’s a cover of the Force MD’s “Tender Love” on the radio.

It’s an oldies but goodies night. It all feels so familiar.

Trump wants concealed carry for teachers. #idiocracy



OK, the press said that the racist connection was a hoax… but this guy was a racist.

The press don’t get it: right now, angry white people are racists. People with emotional problems sometimes become very racist. It’s a “Trump’s America” thing.

It happened during the Reagan administration as well.



OK, I haven’t really posted about the mass murder, but I think the gun people are falling into a chasm of paranoia and denial, flailing around, and don’t even know how foolish they look.

“He had a right to get the rifle,” got it, and murdered a bunch of kids – that’s what happened. There were many possible ways this could have been thwarted, including gun control, mental health services, parents having a clue, etc. “Gun rights” doesn’t cover for doing the wrong thing, having a too-easy way to get a gun, or being clueless.

If you want to help preserve access to guns, probably the smartest thing to do right now is shut up. Defending the 2nd right now feels a lot like defending rapists when all the victims of rape and harassment were coming out. It would be like saying, “well, Cos, or Harvey, you can’t do anything about it now because the statue of limitations.”

The gun side are even going after one of the kids who was hiding in a closet, hoping to not get shot. They’re upset that he’s gotten a lot of camera time, advocating to get some gun control in FL.





Another week. Another mass murder. Another rifle operated as intended. Another man apprehended. Another gun owner prayed. Another social media profile screenshotted and blogged, showing the man liked to display his weapons online. Mental illness blamed, again, but nothing done to send all the male gun owners to psychiatrists.

These guys make it real easy to identify themselves. I would suggest that all the men in this group be guided to see a psychiatrist for evaluation.




Cheese is addictive. That explains eating a box of cheez it in one day.

I don’t play the big video games, and was unaware of the scale of game dev. It’s exceeding the size of film production, and it’s heavily globalized.

Labor unions cannot rest on nationalism.




My mom’s telling me that before ww2, in Japan, people died in their fifties.

I don’t think current longevity is caused by genetics as much as access to healthcare.


Feb 10 Eight hour wait at the emergency room. – Urinary Tract Infection for Yuriko.

This is hilarious. The two main guys besides Kirk both have been sucking on the government money-teat for a long time. The government made these men, and now, they form an organization against the government.

That’s the kind of hypocrisy that attracts Nazis, who see that it would take a white man to totally overlook the hypocrisy… and interpret it another way: a push to cut funds for welfare. That’s why the Nazis were there: to sweep up some racist supporters.

Again USA Today misses the real story.




Is a Court Case in Texas the First Prosecution of a ‘Black Identity Extremist’?







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