Historic Palestinian Documents at the Lady Izdihar Archive

I don’t know who Lady Izdihar is, but she has an archive of USSR era documents, and some Palestinian documents. I’ve linked the ones related to Palestine, and also the condition of Jewish people in the USSR. Note that some of this is state propaganda… but so is the stuff on the USA side.

DPFLP, Documents of the Palestinian Resistance Movement 1971

DPFLP, Towards A Democratic Solution To The Palestinian Question

DPFLP, On Terrorism, Role Of The Party, Leninism vs. Zionism

Al Fateh, The Palestine National Liberation Movement Al-Fateh

Other USSR Era Articles at the Archive, about Jewish People

Visiting The Jewish Collective Farms By V. Fink From Sovietland Magazine April 1939

Soviet Jews: Fact And Fiction Published by Novosti Press, Moscow 1970

“Soviet Anti-Semitism” The Big Lie! By Moses Miller 1948