Hot Dog Water Ice Sculptures

I hate art like this, but this makes good points about the relationship between wealth, capitalism, charity, and art.

The artist made ice sculptures of hot dogs from hot dog waste water, sold them, and mailed them out.

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I think it’s a good demonstration of how a lot of “charity” is based on excess money from destructive or useless capitalist industrial processes.

It also shows how “art” is a consumer product which is valued, in part, on not being the object of charity, or of indirectly supporting charity. (The charity art auction, for example.)

The subtext of a machine shop, is the industrial role that’s part of the “defense” industry, or the production of machines to kill people. (The artist is a motion graphics artist. Presumably doesn’t make parts for weapons.)

The machine shop is also a reminder of the industrialized food production that created the hot dog.

I thought the “free hot dogs” sign on canvas, printed and filled in by hand, was a nice bit. The one element that might recall “Art” is mechanized, and signs of “humanity” are removed.

The comments are mostly confused, bemused, or impressed. A few people are angry.