Justice for the Roques


I spent the past week flyering about the racist incident, going to different places and explaining what happened, and trying to encourage them to sign up with the Filipino Migrant Center’s petition/list. Please, if you are in the LA area, sign up.

I care about this issue, because I’m also Asian. The guy could have been going after me in the drive-thru. If the system lets this hate crime fall through the cracks, it will encourage copycats: go after Asians from the safety of a car.

The Neighborhood Safety Companions released a meme to push the message.

FMC has shifted their focus on applying pressure on DA George Gascon to prosecute this to the fullest extent of the law.

My hot take is: what about the LAPD? They took forever to show up, and then flubbed and let the guy loose instead of taking him to jail. I hope FMC knows politics better than I do, and are implementing an effective strategy.






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