Katsuo Carl Imakyure, in Los Angeles 1940

This person may have been a relative. It’s hard to know. My father had a letter sent to some government agency looking for him. Recent internet searches turned up photos, and this document, which is a record of the 1940 census.

He boarded at a house at 305 E. 2nd St. in Los Angeles. This would be in Little Tokyo near the corner of San Pedro St.

Here’s a view from the street.

So, it was torn down, probably in the 1960s, to make way for what used to be the blue Mitsubishi Bank building. Next door is the Union Bank, which used to be called California First Bank, and before, was called The Bank of Tokyo.

Also, next door, in the 1950s, was an office for Asia Scene at 323 2nd St. staffed by Saburo Kido.






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