Long Beach Rent Control Research and Links

This page is a summary of research conducted to understand the movement for rent control in Long Beach.  Long Beach is large city with around 60% renters, located in LA County adjacent to Orange County.  It’s long been a conservative/centrist city government, but has shifted more liberal in the past couple decades.  The downtown area has undergone heavy redevelopment and gentrification, with old buildings being reused and turned into a large shopping/entertainment district.

Most of this information comes from the City of Long Beach Elections Page.

Proposed Long Beach Rent Control Ordinance.

Intent to Circulate, and the complete text of the proposed ordinance, by Joshua D. Butler, Karen Reside, and Martha Cota.

Joshua D. Butler is the ED of Housing Long Beach.  Karen Reside is founder of the Cultural Alliance of Long Beach, (fb page). Martha Cota is the founder of Latinos in Action California (fb page).


Rent control and development have become issues in the upcoming City Council elections.  This list of candidates and positions is taken primarily from the statements in the Candidate Statements.  In cases where external sources were used to determine a position, I have added links.  Also, while I have labeled the second position as “Development”, the candidates have generally used the term “Density”, probably because the people living in low density areas are also pro-business and more right-wing.

Robert Garcia: Rent Control – NO; Development – YES

James Henry “Henk” Conn: Rent Control – YES; Development – ?

Suzie Price: Rent Control – ?; Development – ?

Gordana Kajer: Rent Control – ?; Development – NO

Stacy Mungo: Rent Control – ?; Development – NO

Rich Dines: Rent Control – ?; Development – NO

Corliss G. Lee: Rent Control – ?; Development – NO

John W. Osborn II: Rent Control – ?; Development – NO

Roberto Uranga: Rent Control – ?; Development – ?

Jared Milrad: Rent Control – ?; Development – ?

Kevin Shin: Rent Control – ?; Development – ?

Rex Richardson: Rent Control – ?; Development – ?

No statement: Lena Gonzalez, Robert D. Savin, Chris Sereno, Mineo L. Gonzalez.

News Articles

High Risin’: Long Beach residents face housing problems by Brennon Dixon, The Daily 49er

Housing Long Beach Calls for Action, As Rents and Displacements Rise in Downtown Long Beach by Jason Ruiz, Long Beach Post

Downtown Renters Protest Notice to Vacate by Landlord Days Before Christmas by Asia Morris, Long Beach Post

“Housing Long Beach” Active in Downtown Long Beach Collecting Names/Contact Info For Volunteers Who Could Help Gather Signatures For Forthcoming Long Beach Rent Control Ballot Measure by LBREPORT (presumably Bill Pearl)

Is “Housing Long Beach” Prepping A Petition Initiated LB Rent Control Ballot Measure? by Bill Pearl, LBREPORT

Activists Voice Worries over Gentrification in Downtown Long Beach by Jennifer Rice Epstein, The Grunion

Advocates Hope To Energize Affordable Housing Conversation With Free Screening of KCET’s “City Rising” by Jason Ruiz, Long Beach Post

(I’ll try to get Inglewood, Pasadena and Los Angeles pages up soon.)






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