On Andrew Yang’s So-Called Human Centered Capitalism

I enjoy reading about alternative currencies (and laughing at them, for the most part) so Yang’s “Human Centered Capitalism” was an eye opener – a presidential candidate pushing an alternative digital currency for social good works.

Well, here’s a rebuttal from the Wrench in the Gears blog, “Social capital” scrip? Fin-tech experiments with new forms of precarious “employment.”

Things are a lot worse, and a lot more developed, than I realized!

Human Centered Capitalism is really about turning human behavior into a data, and using that data as capital… and then selling or leasing out that capital.

Subscribe to the WitG blog. It’s all good stuff. It could make you paranoid, but the facts back up the theory. It’s all more detailed than most civil libertarian guys (who often have some stake, like a paycheck, in invading your privacy) will admit.






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