Professions in Decline, and Some Growing

I was reading this clickbait post and decided to summarize, so I’d internalize the info a bit more.

The format is:

Job – reason why it’s in decline.

Mortgage Brokers – replaced by online services.
Bookkeeper – article calls it AI, but it’s really backend integration between busineseses and tax software.
Lawyer – case research is being automated. Doesn’t say how. Possibly search and classification.
Broadcasters – increasing consolidation, competition from streaming.
Middle Managers – software automation.
Casino Cashier – ATM machines.
IT Support – the IT guy is being replaced by the cloud.
Financial Planners – being replaced by robo-advisors and things like Robin Hood.
Floral Designers – internet delivery and grocery stores.
Postal workers – automated sorting.
Photo processor – nobody uses film.
Data Entry Clerks – people do their own data entry
Telephone Switchboard Operators – voice recognition is doing the first step of routing calls.
Farmwork – automation and robots
Fast food cook – microwaving cold food
Newspaper reporter
Jeweler – overseas competition
Textile worker -work is being moved to other countries
Furniture finisher – they meant refinisher. Competition froom cheap imports, and automation.
Door-to-door salespeople – nobody is home, and everyone is going online
Print binding and finishing – automation and declining demand
Detectives – spyware, DNA fingerprinting
Routine Architect – too many architects
Primary Care Physicians – cheaper in-home tests for diagnostics.

Growth – the jobs that are growing:

Party DJs
Sales, client relationships, new product development.
Card dealers – growing along with gambling.
Programming, sysadmin remote access
Higher-end financial planning around market timing and risk mitigation
Interior design
Merchandise display
Photography – particularly for business and advertising firms
Insurance sales






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