Prompt Collection 2

Reading Assistance

The following is a description of Hegel’s dialectical method. Please summarize it as steps, and keep it brief. Then write a way this method could be applied to improve reading comprehension in a reading group discussion setting. The goal is to improve reading text, rather than critiquing the text.

(I copied the text from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, but Wikipedia has one as well.)

Application of Hegelian Dialectical Method to a Reading Group Discussion


write a google sheet that will cost out the price of a food item (like a sandwich) based on the cost of ingredients. ingredient costs will be recorded from shopping receipts, and are in dollars per pound, dollars per unit, or dollars per case with total number of units.

Asking the Model what it Knows

(Instead of trying to guess what words the model will like, ask the model to tell you what it knows. Those will be the words to use.)

tell me 50 user interface controls you can make using the React library

tell me 50 user interface controls you can make using the Material Design library

(this causes the model to print words it probably understands, and you can use, when you ask the model to create a user interface)

(You can also use a prompt to do the same for DALL-E or Image Creator. These will cause the model to draw things that fit the category. It will tend to pick the most popular things.)

montage of many squishy fruits

big pile of many squishy fruits

Help me decompose a task into subtasks, and then put an amount of labor required onto each subtask, and then, calculate a total of labor required. The task is: a bicycle tune up.

Self Education

(This is a sequence of prompts from a conversation.)

It’s dawning on me that colonization is carried out by rich colonists sending poor colonists to do the settlement.

Were there more poor colonists than rich colonists?

What about the numbers of poor versus rich people?

what about enslavement?

globally, which colonies had slavery?

compare and contrast the different forms of slavery in the different regions