Prompt Collection 3

Comparison Shopping Single Page App Utility

create a web page that will generate search links for the following stores: target, walmart, rite-aid, walgreens, cvs, amazon, swanson vitamins. the output should list each store and search, and be linked to the search, and open in a new tab. add a button to open all the links in new tabs.

(paste the result into a text file, name it shoppingsearch.html, and open it in a web browser)

the rite-aid link didn’t work. here is a correct url for a search for “d-mannose”: https://www.riteaid.com/shop/catalogsearch/result/?q=d-mannose

Training Technique

(Before you ask it to do something, you can train the chat session by studying and existing example. I wanted it to write memes.)

Can you tell me if a meme makes sense?

OK the meme is like this:
Line 1: Angry Uncle Sam, “Hates Muslims”
Line 2: Angry Uncle Sam, “Hates Chinese”
Line 3: Crazy Uncle Sam in Clown Makeup, “Cares a lot about Muslim Chinese”

(It then presents an analysis. Read it, and correct it, until it understands. Then ask:)

Can you write some memes using that template? Make it about American foreign policy.

(It writes some. I had problems where it changed the image in line 3. It lost the idea that the punchline was contradicting the first two lines.)