Study Page for Feasibility and Strategy

I went down a rabbit hole after I needed to learn about feasibility; so this is a self-education page about that, organizing, and strategy. Since I don’t have expertise in this, I’m just listing some things I’ve found, or recalled.

I’m including business and community and political organizing resources. If you aren’t up for reading, videos are at the end.


I had to learn about feasibility, and thought I’d paraphrase:

From the article:

  • Does a company have enough resources (human, financial, material) to complete the project?
  • Will the delivered product/services be in demand on the market?
  • Is it possible to get the expected ROI given the existing constraints and possible risks?
  • Will the project outcome be aligned with a company’s business objectives?

In organizer terms:

  • Capacity: do you have the people, money, skills to execute?
  • Effect: will this have the effect you want?
  • Environment: is this possible in the existing social condition?
  • Strategy: does this contribute to the end goal, and the middle stage goals, that are part of the strategy?


Chartered Management Institute page on Strategy

Resident and Tenant Organizing, from NILC

9 Types of Political Strategies from iEduNote, a business education site.

Organization Development for Social Change: An Integrated Approach to Community Transformation, from the Movement Strategy Center

Video Education

Jane McAlevey videos about power and strategy. McAlevey operates in the labor movement.

Kim Bobo videos. Bobo wrote the popular Organizing for Social Change. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.