The End of Facebook

It’s not the end of Facebook, but it’s been increasingly unsatisfying for the past  year or so, and I cannot quite pinpoint why.  Perhaps it’s the weird feeling of annoyance I get when a post surfaces three days late, or I poke around profiles, and see interesting stuff, while my feed is not always that interesting.  I feel like I’m “tuned to one station” most of the time, and it’s not stimulating.

So, I’m trying to move my posting over to this blog, and will just repost on Facebook, and other social sites, like Twitter.

I’m also going to start removing posts from Facebook.  I did this once before, but I’ll do it again, and preserve some older writing somewhere, maybe posting some here.

Many of us have written several novels’ worth of text. Most of mine is crap, but there must be some gems.  The thing with blogs is, unlike Facebook, the text will be indexed and searchable, outside of Facebook.  That’s important.  Here’s an example:

Back in 2009, R from Indymedia posted about a local peace vigil that had been meeting for years.

I posted a link to it on Facebook, and quoted some of the text.

Today, if you search for “Locations of our December 25 vigil have changed over the years. Yesterday, we had it in Eagle Rock.“, on Google, you will find the Indymedia page, but there is no sign of the Facebook post.

In fact, Google removed all the duplicate posts that seemed to be similar to that story.

Bing did not remove the duplicates so aggressively.  Bing, however, failed to include the Facebook post.

By moving back to a blog, the writing can be rescued from oblivion… and from the Facebook “ubernet”.

So, here’s to going backwards a little bit, and moving forward, too.






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