The Mirror

Los Angeles is now what we call a “one newspaper town”, but it used to support at least five papers in English.  One of these, which I have never seen a complete copy of, is The Mirror, the Chandler family’s paper. It merged with the Times, and that’s why it was called Times-Mirror for so long.

It stopped publishing in 1962.

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The tone is definitely different from the LA Times of today, the 80s, or even the LA Times back then. It’s pretty populist.

4101 Valley Blvd LA 90032 is at the corner of Valley and Soto, the northeast corner, and the home is no longer there. It has been replaced by a large 1960s-style building, and it seems to be occupied by USC now.

I think the Mirror also featured a columnist named Jane Palmer, who I’d like to know more about. She wrote an advice column, but it was a scolding column.  It was real and got to real womens’ issues, but also was not gentle.

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That is a chilling story, not only because of the abuse, but because she lays it out how tough it was for women. It seems worse than today, and today isn’t good, either.






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