The New Normal – Fresh Food Costs More

This is shocking to me: Why Ditching Processed Foods Won’t Be Easy — Barriers To Cooking From Scratch

The worst part is at the end. During the survey, one of the participants became homeless.

Back when I was a child, the processed foods cost more, and the fresh foods cost less.

That’s because we had a different value system: processed foods were for rich people, and fresh foods were for poor people. Poor people had to cook.

We haven’t inverted that yet, because poor people still need to cook. The issue is that fresh foods now cost more than they used to cost, because there’s been a big push to get people to eat more healthy, fresh foods.

I remember when kale was cheap. People thought it was a decorative vegetable that wasn’t eaten. It was at the salad bar, as decoration, because it looked like lettuce, but was as tough as cardboard.

Then, I remember when kale got trendy, and the price doubled. It was listed as the top Superfood at Whole Foods. Cooks learned to “massage” the kale to make it into a salad.

I mean, what the fuck? Kale is supposed to be simmered for 45 minutes. It’s not for a salad.

Back in the old days, you could get an apartment for pretty cheap, and it probably came with a range, which wasn’t included, but the landlord could get you one for pretty cheap or free.

Today, housing is expensive, and people go homeless.

Fortunately, cars are cheaper and more reliable than they used to be. So people live in their cars.

If they’re too classy to be homeless in a car, they spend big bucks on a “tiny home on wheels”, which is what we used to call a camper or trailer.

Back in the old days, poor people used to boil their kale greens in their trailer. Today, hipsters massage their kale greens in their tiny house on wheels. #vanlife, #kalelife.

And poor people eat processed food.







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