Why is the Left so Weak in Japan?

Japan is regarded as a democracy, and socially conservative. What’s less known is that it’s very politically conservative, to the point where the right-wing Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) has won the vast majority of elections.

The Left, which is split between the Socialists and the more moderate Democrats, rarely ever wins.

That fact, long ago, led me to the conclusion that Japan was not really a democracy, but a kind of multi-party pseudo-democracy. I never looked too deep into this until recently.

I tried to make a series of prompts to probe what an LLM knows about this subject. These are based on Wikipedia reading. Here are the prompts:

Why is the Left so weak in Japan?

What role did the US play in this?

What was the relationship between the US, conservative forces, and ultranationalists?

You can take those prompts, and paste them into different LLMs, and try to evaluate what they write. Note that when I’ve done this on other topics, there’s usually some hallucination or fabrication of information, so take things with a grain of salt. The LLMs are a lousy reference tool, but can be a handy writing tool.