• Stockhausen vs. Zorn

    I thought this would be a matchup of dissonance, but it’s not feeling this way at all. It feels like classical versus jazz/rock, and it’s difficult to compare. https://brackethq.com/b/82sib/ More on this later, when I figure out which is going to win this. Zorn has the edge. This setup was just a bad idea. I…

  • Study Page for Feasibility and Strategy

    I went down a rabbit hole after I needed to learn about feasibility; so this is a self-education page about that, organizing, and strategy. Since I don’t have expertise in this, I’m just listing some things I’ve found, or recalled. I’m including business and community and political organizing resources. If you aren’t up for reading,…

  • Racial Capitalism or Capitalism Creating Racism

    I asked Bing Chat to tell me which was more popular today, “racial capitalism”, that capitalism is inherently racist, or that capitalism creates racism, to divide the working class. I don’t know enough about the variations in ideas by the listed writers, so I cannot evaluate if this article is accurate. Here’s what the AI…

  • Comparing “Uncle Tom” and the “Model Minority” Stereotype

    This was written by Bing Chat. I asked it to compare the two, and format it as a table. That specific prompt, to form it as a table, caused ChatGPT to find more parallel comparisons than it found without the request for a table. Here is a table layout that compares the character of “Uncle…

  • Handel vs. Mendelssohn

    Handel often sounds like the song from Masterpiece Theater. I feel like I’m listening to the monarchy. Mendelssohn is more exciting and fun. Let’s get the party started. This is a toss up for me, but I give the win to Mendelssohn.

  • Classical Music Bracket

    I’m doing some music appreciation. I’m doing a personal “tournament” of composers or musicians, and figuring out which I like the most. To implement this, I’m using an app at brackethq.com: Updates will be in the Classical Music Tournament category.

  • Protected: Getting Up in AI Models

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

  • How to Use the New AI Chatbots, ChatGPT and Bing Chat AI

    This is a beginner guide to learning these new tools. What are these, and why would we want to know or use these technologies? AI chatbots are computer programs that generate text based on prompts, which are text you type into the chat dialogue.

  • Turn out for #JusticeForRoques May 1

    It’s one day after the hearing, and I’m still mad. The arraignment is on May 1. Show up. The organization I’m with, PANA, is preparing a statement, but I’ll share my online links below. Before that, I will share several videos from my stories. They had similarities: working class people of color suffering violence. All…

  • ChatGPT: Discovers a “Memory Hole” or makes up sources

    This was weird. I asked ChatGPT to do this: compare the reddit groups r/asianamerican to r/aznidentity It did, and wrote a few paragraphs. Then I asked it: what are your sources for the last answer? and got this: What the hell were those headlines about?! I just found out about these porn subs this past…

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