Month: August 2023

  • The Western Gender Binary

    This page is going to become a list of links to articles about the ideas of Judith Butler, and some feminist texts. History: I was intending to do a reading group for Gender Trouble, but this seems to not be in favor in the group at this time, which is during the Israeli retaliation bombing…

  • Making a Graduated Cylinder Measuring Cup from a Jar

    Making a Graduated Cylinder Measuring Cup from a Jar

    Have you ever needed a measuring cup, but didn’t want to use your cooking measuring cups, because you were going to measure something like an automotive fluid?

  • Hot Dog Water Ice Sculptures

    Hot Dog Water Ice Sculptures

    I hate art like this, but this makes good points about the relationship between wealth, capitalism, charity, and art. The artist made ice sculptures of hot dogs from hot dog waste water, sold them, and mailed them out. ♬ original sound – Sunday Nobody Art I think it’s a good demonstration of how a…

  • Why does a candidate sometimes win the popular vote, but lose the Electoral College vote?

    There are some misconceptions floating around about this. I’ll note them in parentheses in my explanation below: The people’s votes do not directly choose the president. The Electoral College (EC) makes the final decision, following its own rules and the laws of each state. The EC gives a number of votes to each state based…