Beach Cities IMC

I was in a South Bay group and got a message about a cop there who painted swastikas on cars, and it reminded me of “Beach Cities IMC”.

This was a fake Indymedia site that posted a lot of right wing crap. (For that matter, the current IMC is being spammed by crap posts… so it’s not like they needed to control the server to do that.) The software was available for free, and they just put up a site – it was as simple as that.

Back when it happened, little of it made sense to me. I didn’t understand who was involved, or who was fighting against them. Partly, this was because I didn’t take online conflicts that seriously, and was valuing “offline” interactions more.

These are a few links to search results for “Beach Cities IMC”: – the site is hosted by the same company, and has the same address, as Computers NLA. They’re all up in the Palos Verdes area, a wealthy neighborhood with a history of being very right-wing. – DeVoy was posting on the IMCs a while. I recall he had this idea called Rational Anarchism, which I thought was OK, but also seemed to come out of nowhere. I’ve seen his name on social media, but haven’t interacted with him. I also didn’t know about his other activities, which, in retrospect, are impressive. This article’s good, too. – I didn’t know about these activities either, except the first entry. I also dug around for info about KOBEHQ. I think I found some archives of a BBS. – an old, deceptive post by the Beach Cities fake IMC.






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