Decoupage with Old Newsprint

I found some old erotica, aka “smut”, and cut some up and did a little decoupage demo.  Decoupage is a French word that means gluing bits of paper onto a box, and then smearing more glue on top to protect the paper.

Be careful, this is erotica, so there might be some sexual content.

This cut-up paper thing at the end is like the “cut ups” that Brion Gysin and William Burroughs did.

I think the only thing I learned from this text experiment is that  realizing the erotic potential of text is dependent on linear storytelling and avoiding weird juxtapositions of words.  This “new” text just seems to be a confusing exchange between people scheduling a meeting, interrupted by sexual fantasies. That is pretty “deep”.

If you have old paper, you can do this!






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