I’ve been obsessed with it for over a month. I’ll be copying things from my Facebook feed here, and going back in time to find early posts.

This document shows some plots of the daily numbers coming out of Los Angeles County.


The news is both bad, and good. It’s terrible that we’re nearly at 10,000 cases. It’s good that our cases-per-day is increasing slower than it did in the recent past.

I’ll take this as a sign that shelter-at-home and masking up is helping.

Some people have claimed that may people are not sheltering at home. While I can see that as a possibility, I don’t think it’s the case, because we’ve experienced significantly improved air quality, and faster-flowing traffic.

Many people aren’t going to work. Many businesses are shut down.

Infections typically spread at work.

The Future

Deaths-per-day are still increasing. Deaths follow the progress of the disease, and at the end, some people die.


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