(I wrote this draft a year ago on April 2019.)

I don’t think people will be going around trying to steal food from hoarders.

People will be looting.

Some people will be coordinating BBQ grills to cook all the meat that’s going to spoil.

They’ll empty the supermarkets, and distribute the food.

They’ll be looting toilet paper for toilets that don’t flush. LOL.

They’ll be looting video games in the hope that electricity will return (it won’t) and we’ll have leisure time (we won’t).

They’ll be looting for saws, and nails, and anything metal.

They’ll be fleeing the place, trading diamonds for transportation to a safer place, like drunks calling uberlyft to get out of the downtown party zone and get home safely.

(Okay, I was wrong. People didn’t really coordinate BBQs. The meat just spoiled. Or the vegetables did. People bought too much food.)

(Maybe I’ll update this with what’s actually happened.)






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