Letter to Congress about DeJoy

Dear ____:

We need the USPS board to fire DeJoy and replace him with someone who isn’t out to sabotage the USPS.

I sometimes sell on Ebay and other online stores, and have sent around 1,000 packages in the past few years. USPS, in the past, was amazing. It was competitively priced and fast, especially if you used Priority Mail. The whole system ran especially smoothly, for people who printed postage at home.

I’ve lost several packages in the mail. I think I’ve lost five. Three were lost during this DeJoy regime.

Under DeJoy, the packages and letters take longer to arrive. In the past, they arrived ahead of schedule. If I was working hard to get the parcels done early, I could sometimes beat Amazon Prime delivery. The system was that good.

Today, they sometimes suffer long delays.

I know there’s a pandemic happening. We’re all able to accept slower delivery, but packages are going missing entirely.

I’ve heard horror stories of the USPS not giving out overtime… but the carriers are still staying late to finish their work.

From the outside, it looks like DeJoy is sabotaging the USPS.

Please, change the management, and let the USPS shine again.






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