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A response to “why do Asians vote Democrat despite Dems releasing criminals who commit hate crimes?” That question is a racist dogwhistle, but I’ll answer.

1. Asians tend to live in cities.

2. Cities tend to lean Democrat – or more correctly, the Dems control the center.

3. Republicans fail to support Asian politicians, except in a few areas. So Democrats get the Asian voters… and politicians.

4. Numerically, white people (a group that leans Republican) are reported to that hate crime and incident database than Black people (a group that leans heavily Democrat).

5. Asians are a poorly organized vote. Conserv-Asians tend to vote nationalistically with their ethnic group. Liberal-Asians tend to do the pan-Asian thing better. Everyone is afraid of activating the decline-to-state Asian vote using surnames.

A Russia-China-India Alliance

If that happened, Russia would be the smallest country and economy. China would be the big country, and the economic leader.

At this time, Russia is the least Communist of the three. India is almost as capitalist, and is doing better within the global market economy. China is the most Communist, and also doing best within the global market.

Some impediments to alliance are border conflicts between Russia, China, and India, and internal poverty.

Interesting article about BRICS and alliances.

An older article about this kind of alliance.

Why Are People Leaving California?

A meme is circulating about some big liberal cities losing population. It’s true.

The people commenting are mostly conservatives, and posit that it’s the lax police enforcement and rising crime.

While people like to think the big cities are crime ridden, they may be romanticizing small-city life a bit. The opioid crisis didn’t really happen in the big cities, but in the suburbs and exurbs, and initially around the Rust Belt.

Some cite the high cost of living as a push factor. That is a much longer-term trend, and seems to be the main reason. People have been leaving the state for a couple decades, ever since the Internet boom really took off.

A study by the PPIC says something surprising: the people leaving are the less wealthy and lower income, and the people entering are more educated, higher income.

That corresponds to what I’ve seen. There’s a lot of gentrification going on, and it’s making housing unaffordable for locals. The newcomers, however, seem to have the money to live here.

So, what’s probably happening is people move here for high-paid work, and drive up prices. The locals find they cannot compete: these newcomers are better educated, and have skills for specific high-paying jobs. The wages from their current job are not rising enough to cover the local inflation.

So, the locals, who more often than the newcomers, have some land, sell the land and house, and move to a lower-cost state, and use the profits from the land and house to purchase a huge home in their new community.

Their existing skillset, which may simply be “regular work,” rather than some high-tech specialization, be it working class or middle class work, pays almost as much as in LA, but relative to other work, is adequate to afford housing and food. Without a mortgage payment, the income is enough to survive and thrive.

Back in LA, however, there are some ways to tap into the rising affluence. The most obvious is to own a business, so you can raise your prices. The income has to rise with the population, not with the rise in the minimum wages. The sales need to be local, so prices rise with the local trends, not the national trends.

But, aren’t well paid people more likely to be conservative?

Yes, and I think many of these newcomers are conservative. They’re just not mostly the kind of conservative that goes to church, hates gays, and hates immigrants. They also had some push factors, and my guess it that they’re social liberals, and financial conservatives.

In California, that doesn’t mean “Republican”. It means “decline to state”.

There are also some people who are fascist ultrarightwingers coming in to work some of these high-paid jobs. They just keep it more hidden.

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