Slow Progress on the Flooded Apartment

We paid out of pocket to get some furniture moved out. It was only $72, which I find amazing. It was only a few bulky pieces because everything else had been boxed up and jammed into closets. I also sold off a few items and left a few items out to give away. I got rid of a hundred dollars of stuff. I figured it was probably better to get a little cash than to pay out cash.

I want to get this cost added to the insurance claim, but getting someone from Homesite via email or phone is like a trip into the infinite voicemail jail. Sometimes you get a call back, and sometimes you don’t.

The remediation company is supposed to come out as well, but I’m not certain it will happen, because, while she took the initiative to communicate with them, Claudia has no authority to make anything happen. That falls to the management company, EGL, and the owner of the building.

Contacting EGL can also be a slog. I want them to talk to Claudia because I’m often driving someone to something or other, like a sub minimum wage Lyftuber for friends and family.






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